Known to be such a thief and a vampire. He stays at an old construction site near the sewer, which no one has ever go through that path. People say that place is haunted, ( Haunted by Hrock, of course. ) so the workers left the site and went on somewhere else. They say it's not safe to through there at night, beware of the vampire, he'll just suck your blood up.

Abilities Edit

1 ) He uses his sword- like boomerang to kill people / Melee Weapons.

2 ) Dark Teleport : Travels somewhere far, with a thin dark smoke.

3 ) Suck Blood : Sucks blood from people, but usually, those people survive.

Weakness Edit

Not active on daylight, cause vampires often likes the dark. Yes, he can't even use dark teleport. But still.....


Some old friends... Edit

Have you heard of Zombies? You probably do. Hrock doesn't want to suck up zombie's blood, well. Gross + Not Tasty = You wanna suck that up, Hrock? Shut your fangs.

Zombies and Vampires are friends? Hrock won't believe that either. He's a half Stick and a half vampire. Who knows. Maybe we should ask a full epic vampire?